About Us

TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR is a professional theatre group that specializes in the style of new circus. This theatre was founded in December of 2011, but, paradoxically, it has   years long tradition.

Why is that? The theatre emerged from Assiciation for young people TRIKO that had two main aims. One was to promote circus and circus skills in fullfillnig free time, and the second was promoting new circus as an art of itself that occures in other arts like theatre, film, danc etc.

The  show POPPINS DESCENDING, directed by Dubravka Crnojevic-Caric, was our first professional production. It opened in 2009. on the 5th Festival of New Circus in Zagreb. and in 2011 it was played infront of international audience in Perm, Russia.

Our second show, monodrama PEANUTS, based on John Guy´s Beggers Opera, was directed by Lee Delong and played by Christian Peter. This was the firs part of our clown trilogy.

In December 2011 we got the status of a professional independant theatre group in Croatia and we changed our name to TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR.

On 10th of February 2012 we opened the second part of clown trilogy  NIGHTINGALE which is the first theatre clown show in Croatia. The show was also directed by Lee Delong. Nightingale was performed on the 5th festival Siguientescena in Queretarro, Mexico in 2012., in Gargenville, France, as a part of the festival of Croatian culture in France Croatie, la Voici,  in 2012., Gallway, Irland, at Muscailt Art festival in 2013., in Bruxselles on the European Theatre Night in 2013, and in Belgrade on Circobalkana festival in 2014.

The show is based on the techniques of theatre clown of Jacquec Lecoq, and the main plot is not expressed through narration, but through situations.

In November 2012  we won Public choice award for the best independent theatre in Croatia.

The theatre has produced street shows too. Our Street theatre project CALEIDOSCOPE was performed on Dubrovnik Summer Festival in 2013. And in 2014 on International Children theatre Festival in Šibenik.

In 2013 and 2014 we produced three more shows. Two clowns shows directed by Lee Delong: TWO AND A HALF SISTERS, third part of the clown trilogy,  based on Checkov’s famous play,  NIGHT OF THE LIVING CLOWNS, a cross cultural project between Croatia and Ireland, and SNOW QUEEN, an aerial acrobatic show directed by Iva Peter-Dragan.

LITTLE NEEDLE GIRL, a show we coproduced with Mala Scena from Zagreb, was performed in Keneddy Centre in Washington D.C. in octobre 2014.

In January 2015 we opened a new show for children THE LITTLE WHITCH in coproduction with Mala scena,

Our mission is to make circus art feel like home here in Croatia, and Croatian circus to feel like home across the world!

Iva Peter Dragan

I  was born on 28th of June 1980 in Zagreb.  In 2004 I graduted from the Faculty of Philosophy, Universitiy of Zagreb, main subject: English language and literature and Comparative literature.

In 2006 I graduated from Music school in Zagreb, subject: Trombon

I am a member of the Croatian Assosiation for Drama in Education and for the past eight years I was teaching drama in the Center for culture Maksimir.

In 1997 I founded and directed Pomegranade theatre which, with its performance “Seventh Ouverture: Ship” won the award for the best amateur theatre performance of Croatia. The show was performed at numerous Festivals around the world  (Norway, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Lithuania, Iran, Canada, Tanzania…)

I am artist director at TRIKO CIRCUS THEATRE, The Croatian independent theatre of the season 2011/2012.

I organized and led  acrobatic workshops: Acrobatic  workshop for the participants on European Drama Encounters (EDERED) in 2003 in Pazin, Croatia;  Acrobatic convention in Nature (2003 – 2007), Circus project for children “Left foot” in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009; The First international Acrobatic Convention, Korcula, 2008; Intensive Circus Workshops in 2008 and 2009. These projects were supported by Croatian Government.

In 2005 and 2006 I was the casting manager of “Zabranjena ljubav”, a  soap opera produced by Fremental Media.

Throughout my theatre career I participated in many drama and circus workshops led by prominent international artists like Tom Oscar, Bruno Krief, Francois Bergois, Wilfred van den Peppel, Scott Wells, Lee Delong and others.

“LITTLE WITCH”, Triko Cirkus Teatar & Mala Scena, d. Ivica Šimić  (actress and producer)

“FEYDEAU…RE…MI…” Triko Cirkus Teatar, d. Lee Delong, (actress and producer)

“TONKICA PALONKICA FRRRR”, ŽAR PTICA THEATRE, d. Robert Raponja, (movement choreographer)

“CHERRY OCHARD”  CROATIAN NATIONAL THEATRE IN VARAŽDIN, d. Boris Kobal, (movement choreographer)


“THE MED WOMAN FROM CHAILLOT”, CROATIAN NATIONAL THEATRE IN ZAGREB, d. Krešimir Dolenčić, (movement choreographer)


“IGLICA”, TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR I MALA SCENA, d. Ivica Šimić (assistant director and actress)

“Dvije I pol sestre”, TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR, d. Lee Delong, producer and actress

“NIGHTINGALE”, TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR, d. Lee Delong, producer and actress

The show was performed before international audiences in Queretaro, Mexico, Gargenville, France and Galway Ireland and on Dubrovnik Summer festival

“Kikiriki”, TRIKO, Zagreb, d. Lee Delong (producer and assistant director)

“Maria de Buenosaires”, Koncertna dvorana Vatroslav Lisinski, d. Mario Kovač (stilt walker)

Circus skills workshops for professionals 2011″, TRIKO, Zagreb (producer and workshop leader)

“Ivica i Marica”, Theatre Trešnja, Zagreb, d. Mateja Koležnik, (movement choreographer)

“Circus project for children: Left Leg””, TRIKO, Zagreb, (producer and workshop leader)

“Circus skills workshops for professionals 2010”, TRIKO, Zagreb (producer and workshop leader)

“La Boheme”, Croatian Nationa Opera Zagreb (actress on stilts)

“Poppins silazi”,  TRIKO, Zagreb  (producer, assitent director and actress)

“Dobro tijelo” , ETRA, Zagreb  (assistent director)

“Zlatni danci”, Children`s theatre of Osijek (choreographer and assistent director)

 “Cirkuski slonic Charlie” Theatre for blind Novi Zivot (actress and choreographer)

“The Vagina Monologues”, Centre for Women studies, Zagreb (actress and assistent director)

“The Midsummer Night Dream”, Gavella Theatre, Zagreb  (acrobat and choreographer)

“The steadfast Tin Soldier”, Knapp, Zagreb (actress)

“Kneja”, Children`s theatre of Osijek  (choreographer)

“The Children of ZOO train station” , ZeKaeM, Zagreb (actress and acrobatic choreographer)

Lee Delong

Lee Delong is an American/French actress who has been living in France and working in Europe and elsewhere for the past 30 years. Her training includes both a formal education at West Virginia University’s Theatre Department and broader studies at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris and at the Bouffes du Nord with Peter Brook.

Lee also writes, directs and teaches, and has given countless workshops for acting students and for professional actors. Lee was acting coach on Jamila Zbanic’s movie, On the Path and was Assistant Director/Choreographer/Director, Creator of background scenes/Lyricist on Jasmila’s new film, Love Island. She also played a small role.

For her one-woman show, A Woman Alone, by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, Lee was awarded the ‘Best Actress’ and the ‘Public Choice’ awards at MESS International Theatre Festival, 2007, in Sarajevo. A Woman Alone was also awarded the Mravac award in Mostar, Bosnia in 2009 for mastery in acting. This performance was originally created at the Theatre du Chaudron, la Cartoucherie, Paris, in 2003 under the direction of Bob Meyer.

Lee is often seen on the mythic stage, Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, where she has worked under the direction of Emilio Sagi and Robert Carsen.

On the silver screen, Lee has worked under many directors including Cedric Klapisch, Luc Beraud, Fabrice Cazaneuve, Julie Delpy, Luc Besson…. For Besson, Lee played Mrs. Kerman in Arthur and the Invisibles and The Revenge of Malthazar where she had the honor to share the screen with Mia Farrow. Lee recently filmed with Jean Reno in his new series, Jo Legrand, Cop in Paris. Lee just had the honor of going up the steps on the red carpet at Cannes to preview her new vehicle, Kickback, which is the first French e-Cinéma film, available on kickback-lefilm.com. Lee plays the main role.

For the last five years she also works with TRIKO CIRCUS TEHATRE as clown teacher and director. She has directed five shows with clowns from TRIKO: Peanuts  (2011), Nightingale (2012), Two and a half sisters (2012), Night of the living clowns  (2013) and Feydeau…re..mi… (2014).